"My accountant supported the idea of my purchasing office space. I saved money by owning rather than renting and have an identity with other professionals that I otherwise could not have gotten with just a stand-alone building."

L'Tanya Bailey, DDS

bldg1.jpg (10046 bytes)
bldg2.jpg (25058 bytes) "I saw no need in continuing to pay rent but found it impossible to purchase a lot small enough to accommodate just my business needs. I purchased and combined two suites. This provided me with everything I was searching for without the headaches of having to build a larger facility and deal with managing the remainder that I did not need."

Bill Wilson, PSA Contract Furniture

"I have approximately 1500 square feet that I was able to buy -- not lease. I know of no other way to purchase a convenient, well-placed and well-planned office that suits my needs in a pleasant, park like setting."

Jonathan Davis, State Farm Insurance

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